Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Duncan and Ben: Teachers for a Day

A few weeks ago The Buried Life was asked to speak to an ESL class at the University of Victoria. Ben and I (Duncan) being the only Buried Life in a 4500km radius agreed to go alone.

With our shoes tied tight, our packed lunches over flowing, Ben crying and our moms waving us off, we set off for our first day of school; as teachers.

It seems our hesitation (and Ben's tears) were for nought and an hour later after a few laughs and more tears(Ben) we were wrapping up our first presentation.

And what fun it was. Highlights included one gentleman who's life list including kissing a white blond girl, which he was certain we could help him with.

The fun continues this Friday as we set off for our second presentation. Apparently we were not that bad, even good. That or maybe they didn't fully understand us and were amused at our nonsensical flailing and crying.

thanks for listening,



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