Saturday, September 16, 2006

Diego dreamed of being a Knight. He is now Sir Diego Knight of Victoria. Sally-forth Sir Diego, god speed.

An email we received from Diego's mom:

Hi guys!

I am a proud mom of a 4-year-old Knight named Sir. Diego of Victoria B.C. I just wanted to share some thoughts with you all about the grate influence that you have brought to our life. Diego is now telling everybody that he is a real knight because Ben made him one on August the 2nd of 2006. As well as Diego I am now thinking more and more about my dreams and aspirations as a human being, in this adventure called "life" further more thinking as a mother of two wonderful kids, I have now the responsibility of teaching and guide them to live their every moment with joy and enthusiasm.

I think that this world is now getting distracted with many secondary things that fill up our "modern necessities" but not our spiritual and emotional side. We have to make everything with passion in order to love it, or other wise we will be lost in thousands of people that now don't know what the want or what is their purpose in life.

Thank you guys for making me double think on that matter.

Keep doing what you are doing and enjoy life!.