Sunday, August 13, 2006

Trucks and Chicken Wings

On Friday we got an email from Brent and he said that he needed our help. We went to see him and he told us a story of a troubled past and life on the streets. Two years ago, Brent pulled himself out of this life and started 2 business'. His dream is to raise enough money to build a half way ranch for individuals like himself who are searching for more. He began a new and used shop in Kelowna called "Consecutive Cycles" on Rutlin st. and a Landscaping operation, both of which relyed on his truck. Brent had just recently lost his truck along with the ability to carry on his 2 business'. Touched by his story, we asked him how we could help. With no mention of the truck, he replied, "I have always wanted to buy 200 chicken wings and take them down to the Friendship Centre in Kelowna". We had to find this guy a truck.

Walking onto a second hand car lot, we saw a perfect truck for $2100. We explained our story to Ed at Okanagan Motors, and offered him some money for the truck. "I believe everyone deserves a break", Ed said. He gave us the truck for $480.

The look on Brent's face when we pulled up in the truck and the reaction that ensued was the most rewarding feeling any of us have ever had. Thanks Brent.

We couldn't find chicken wings, so next best thing to the friendship centre.


Blogger vannydigs said...

Sounds like things are going really well so far. You guys are not only touching the hearts of those you are meeting along the way but also everyone reading about it along the way. Once the documentary comes out, your message will only continue to spread. Much love for Ben,Dunc,Davey boy and of course to JP. I dig.

10:19 PM  
Blogger truckguy said...

Hello Hello every one I just want to say before I start anything,
I want to send out my biggest thanks to 4 big bright hearted guys that came from victoria to go on journey not only to complete there own goals but to complete many others including mine and they have made my dream continue on a path, A path bound to help, many people in many ways.

My truck is amazing, needs a little TLC but I promise guys by the time you come back and see me if you guys can make it back this way, that truck will be purin like kitten any ways I have took a bunch of loads to the dump, on time now to all my contracts, have started picking goods up for the store in kelowna, Consecutive cycle new and used goods located on Rutland rd N, things have never been better, never Been More happier in my life 24 years
to awsome truly thanks again I could never say it enough lol your probly gettin sick of it too bad love it hope you guys are doin good and having a safe trip and helping many more people achieve there dreams. Email These guys They can help even if its too talk they truly are amazing.

I Want to Clear up a few things Though, We will be donating A certain percent of profits each year from both companys. #1 Consecutive cycle new and used store will be donating 15% to 2 causes 7% will be split between the drop in center in kelowna and the friend ship center and 7% will be put into an account to build a ranch out side of town for youth and a adults as a second and third step from safe houses or recovery houses givin them big rewards to build a life, even and always help with guidence. 2nd consecutive cycle yard maintenence and landscaping will be donating the same percent in the same way.

I have been totally clean for 10 months now all you need is to aim for your goals passions dreams and dont look back, never again will i touch the hard drugs that almost killed me. The METH 95 pounds my mom saved my life. familys everything never forget and always forgive hold on to your family your blood let them guide you they only want whats best. thanks to you mom Iam alive and finally succeeding I love you mom.

The store opened aug 5 2006 almost 2 weeks ago i we are doing really good getting caught up on our bills from holding the store for 2 months to paint and fill with new and used goods things are starting to get paid off now that we are open If any sponsors or investors are interested in assisting us email us at
I want to thank all my customers for being patent well i had no vehicle and the store customers for being patient well we organize and a huge thanks to the sponsors aswell that helped these guys create our dreams as well as theres

You guys mean the world to me
keep in touch thanks
sincerly Brent

10:43 PM  
Blogger Stephanie said...

Just a quick note to say you guys are wonderful people. we need more people like you in this world! Your parents must be very proud of you guys! I don't know you guys but I'm sure proud of you guys! Young guys with big hearts! I have a lot of wishes and things I would like but I am not wanting you guys to fulfill these for me, I just simply wanted you to know that I check out your website periodically and love to see the work that you guys are doing! Keep up the good work, you guys are awesome! :)

2:40 PM  
Blogger dannigirl said...

I just saw you guys on some tv show (I think breakfast tv but it was at night so I am confused!!). I think what you guys are doing is just absolutely fantastic. It is so nice to see guys like you (and by that I mean young and handsome -hee hee) making a difference in the world when you could very well be being hoodlums. you are really making a difference in the world and I thank you for every little bit of change you insight. Truckguy, you are a trooper! I wish you all the best and that you continue to be drug free and keep making your own difference in the world. Keep on truckin!!
Thanks guys

12:22 AM  
Blogger brent said...

hay its brent truckguy things are still goin real good. buisness is pickin up and i might very well have an investor for the companies.

I want to thank every one for there support and comments and letting you know iam still sober and always will be now my goal is to set out and help many others as I was helped by the four true hearted guys that set me on my way thanks truly sincerly always brent if any one is intersted in yard maintenence or any type of donations email us at

thanks always look towards the next day wake up with a good day in your mind.

5:31 PM  
Blogger Mel Dawn said...

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