Thursday, August 10, 2006

Recieving lots and lots of feedback, here are a couple we thought we should postL


2. To whomever will read this email,
If you need to do a toast at a stranger's wedding, we will be married on Sept. 16 on Newcastle Island BC and you are welcome to come to make a toast and join the festivities.

Hows it going? I don't usually go out of my way to e-mail a bunch of guys I don't know in person, but I just I had to send you dudes some props.
What you guys are doing I think is tottally awesome. The idea, the message, the concept, the's all there. I just wish I thought of the idea before hand! haha Good Luck! and hey, if your looking for an extra young guy like yourselves, Pick Me Up! I'm serious when I say I'd join your Tour anytime, anywhere! Cheers, and all the best to ya. -Sean

Hello guys:
I have 2 life goal requests that I hope you can help me with:
- Fly in an F-18 jet
- Sing a duet with Michael Buble
Can you help? Cheers,dorothea

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More in the comments section of this post, some people needing help too. Check it out and add your own story. If you can help out, let us know.

Parade/Haunted House/Hot Air Balloon pics coming soon.


Blogger squad said...

Incredible idea. Brilliant in fact. I hope it goes all around the world and impacts more than you'll ever know.

If only...
I got tired of saying that phrase and decided to change my destiny. I quit my job, actually my career. I had gone to school for my Bachelor of Arts in Theology and became a Youth Pastor. I loved it, but it wasn't what I really wanted to do in life. I want to be in film. I wanted to make movies. My dream was to step into the unknown and make it happen. I quit my job and joined up with a production company with a training position and have been doing it for a month now. I want to get one of my movies made, help make movies, produce, direct, whatever... I drive my wife crazy when I constantly tell her I want more out of life. It's not that I want more stuff, but I guess I just want to feel more acomplished. I want to have more than the day to day. I want to leave my mark in history and be proud to have left it there. So I'm writing a script, I work and train with a great production company, I've even signed up with a casting company as an extra just to get on set and learn more and I'm dreaming and hoping for that day I see my name on the big screen.

All the best to you guys, keep it up and I look forward to seeing your final piece of work on the big screen. Don't get buried!

Keep it going,


10:16 PM  
Blogger squad said...

Hey guys, I just heard you on CBC this morning, what a brilliant idea. Fun for you, and also a great message: smash your TV and live your OWN life. I'm a big fan of that; I'm in a bike (bicycle) gang here in Vancouver called "KABLAMO!" where we ride around in capes just for fun. The city is our playground and KABLAMO! knows how to play!

Anyways, I checked out the website and saw that Ben wants to give a toast at a stranger's wedding. My best friend is getting hitched in Vernon on Saturday Aug.10. I don't know where you will be then, but I thought it sounded like you were in the Okanagan area to cut ribbon and be mayors, so maybe it could happen?! I haven't talked to her about it yet, but let me know if you still need to check that one off and will be in the area and I'll clear it with her. It's certainly a fun group of people that would probably really appreciate the humour and randomness of it!

Cheers and good luck,


10:18 PM  
Blogger squad said...

Hey, I heard you on CFUN radio this morning, and was interested in learning a little more about your concept and more specifically how I can help. You website was a little confusing for navigation purposes, or maybe I'm getting old and soon VCRs will be cpmplex.
Anyway, I was reading a Lexus car ad that was also 100 things to do (one of which obviously was to own a Lexus) and saw one that was "Get a Tattoo". Now, this is where I, the owner of a tattoo shop in downtown Vancouver, enters stage left. I would be willing to discuss the idea of giving someone a free tattoo if that was indeed someone's dream. Exactly how and what I would want as far as exposure is concerned is all something that can be decided if we agree to continue this relationshop, so I will wait for your reply.
Thanks for your time, great idea you have going.

10:20 PM  
Blogger squad said...

Hey, Guys

I read about you in The Province today. Interestingly, I don’t subscribe to that paper; I subscribe to The Vancouver Sun and the deliverer made a mistake this morning by giving me the wrong paper. So as I flipped through The Province, I read about you, then visited your Web site. I think what you guys are doing is great. I am a substitute teacher in the public school system, and I do get short-term contracts here and there, so I do work with teens extensively. I will use your story as inspiration for them.

Reading about what you’re trying to do inspires me to re-evaluate if there is anything else in life I’d like to do. I agree with what you said about young people these days kind of aimlessly wandering through life in a state of unconsciousness. They end up where they are because life just evolved that way, as opposed to reaching their destinations through conscious decision-making. Adults do, too—at all ages.

Well, good luck with your project. It sounds fantastic. And your Web site looks fantastic—very professional. The biographies are hilarious. I’m impressed with how accomplished and well-educated everyone is. It really gives you tremendous credibility.


10:22 PM  

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